Master Seminar on Selected Topics in Cooperative Mobile Systems [MS] 2020w

L.079.08001, Winter 2020/2020


This seminar is being offered as part of the “Master Seminar” series, each issue of which treats current topics in the context of active research domains.

In general, the seminar is focused on research topics of the Cooperative Mobile Systems (CMS) group.

Depending on the specific interest (and the number) of the participants, we organize the seminar either in the classic form, i.e., focusing on a set of research papers outlining some of the most recent findings in the general scope of wireless networking, or in a more hands-on fashion allowing the participants to work on a small project, experimenting with bleeding edge prototypes.

Learning Outcome

In the course of the seminar, attendants will refine their skills of quickly familiarizing themselves with new material, extracting relevant details, and presenting their results orally as well as in writing.

Course details

This master course will be held in English and all the course material is available in English.

  • 4 ECTS (Seminar: 2 SWS)


There are no formal prerequisites for joining. Still, certain background knowledge is not taught in this course, but assumed.

  • You should have a background (or the willingness to learn) in working with literature.

You can take a brief self-assessment test to get an impression of whether you have a solid grasp of the most basic background knowledge.




  • Please note that we require participants to be registered in PAUL for both the course itself and its associated “exam”.
  • Details about grading will be announced in the first meeting.


We meet every week. In weeks 2,3,4,5 we will have primer lectures on scientific work.


  • Please see the organizational slide deck for a list of topics.