CMS Labs

Welcome to CMS Labs, home of the Cooperative Mobile Systems Group, a Hella endowed chair of the Dept. of Computer Science at Paderborn University and associated group of Algorithms and Complexity at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, headed by Christoph Sommer!

Our Research Vision

Mobile, computer-controlled systems are the next evolutionary step of previously human-controlled mobile systems. A prime example of such systems are autonomous vehicles: cars and trucks that move with little (and, as a next step, with no) human intervention – and we are already seeing the first evolutionary steps of autonomous vehicles on our roads.

The next step in the evolution of mobile systems is to move away from the old notions of autonomy and to embrace aspects of cooperation. Only by cooperating among themselves, formerly autonomous mobile systems can realize their full potential.

The common basis of cooperation among mobile computer systems is information exchange between participants. Cooperative mobile systems thus commonly consist of nodes in a wireless network of extreme topology dynamics. An obvious research challenge is how to make the best use of scarce (or intermittently available) communication resources, for example by employing multi-radio, multi-channel, or multi-technology techniques. Other aspects of our research touch on issues of performance evaluation of such systems, privacy, and the human factor.