Projects our team is currently involved in:

IP45G - Innovationsplattform für 5G: Industrielles Internet: The project provides an innovation platform as part of the 5G accompanying research on which superordinate questions on technology development are structured and processed for a professional audience. (EU/EFRE.NRW, Jul 2016 - Mar 2020)
Safety4Bikes - Safety assistance system for cycling kids (Assistenzsystem für mehr Sicherheit von fahrradfahrenden Kindern): development of assistance system functionalities to improve the safety of kids on bicycles using behavior prediction and wireless communication technologies (BMBF, Jan 2017 - Jun 2020)
VCE - Virtual Cycling Environment: characterizing and modeling cyclists behavior for developing next generation safety assistance systems (internal, Oct 2018 - )

Past Projects

See, e.g., past projects of Christoph Sommer for a list of past projects.